We proudly use cruelty-free products!

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy: We could write a book about the fabulousness of KM’s line, but here’s a brief mash note for now. His products suit all hair types, from the super dry to the, ah, super not dry. From the very fine to the very thick. From the stick straight to the highly textured. You get the idea. Want instant subtle volume? Instant beach ’do? Instant glam Texas hair? Done, done, and done, with Angel Wash/Angel Rinse, Hair Resort Spray, and Powder Puff. Don’t want parabens, sulfates, or common allergens in your hair? Soooo done.


Verb: Verb is a family of smart, professional-grade hair care products priced within reach of every salon customer. Our salon-quality hair products are color-safe, free of harmful sulfates, parabens and gluten and are made in the U.S.A. without animal testing. Nothing bad, lots of good. From Austin.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil: They might as well just change their name to Sparkly Gleaming Full of Luster Hair. The Glimmer Shine Spray gives you a head full of instant summer poolside luminosity, perfect any time of year.

Accessories by Gina Marie

Hair Wear by Gina Marie: Gina Marie doesn’t just shape a great nail, she also designs and produces the gorgeous feather earrings and cute-but-not-cutesy hair flowers you see on sale here at the salon!